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Anne Gloger wins 2017 Jane Jacobs Prize

Congratulations to Anne Gloger of the East Scarborough Storefront for being one of the 2 recipients of the 2017 Jane Jacobs Prize. The Prize is an annual award that celebrates individuals who contribute to the fabric of Toronto life in unique ways that exemplify the ideas of Jane Jacobs.  Anne is the first person from Scarborough to receive this award!


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Premier Kathleen Wynne Visits the East Scarborough Storefront

Thanks to Premier Kathleen Wynne and MPP Mitzie Hunter for visiting one of our favorite projects, The East Scarborough Storefront on January 16th to learn more about the Connected Community Approach.

Click below for a video of the visit.


“I’m driven by the idea of helping people overcome challenges and succeed. The East Scarborough Storefront is all about giving people the support they need to succeed. The hub’s grassroots approach means people have access to 35 organizations that provide services like settlement support, youth groups and legal advice. It is inspiring to see a community working together to support each other and make good things happen in their neighbourhood.”

– Kathleen Wynne

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Tower Renewal recognized for leadership towards a greener, fairer future


This week, the Tower Renewal program was recognized as one of 100 solutions “for a greener and fairer future” across the globe.

Cities100 selected 100 city-level initiatives that represent leadership in climate change mitigation and adaptation, while at the same time strengthening local economies, communities and citizens’ health. Both the Tower Renewalprogram as a whole, and the City’s innovative retrofit financing pr‎ograms, Hi-RIS and HELP, received this honour.

To see all 100 initiatives recognized, visit Cities100. Two other City of Toronto initiatives were also recognized and we share our congratulations with them: the Toronto Region Conservation Area’s SNAP Program, and the Climate Risk Assessment and Management Initiative.