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And the Bhayana Family Foundation Award for Community Partnership goes to….The Community Design Initiative (East Scarborough Storefront-Tides)!

The Community Design Initiative is a truly unique and inspiring collaboration between architects, artists, urban planners, academics, Storefront agency staff and residents of Toronto’s Kingston-Galloway Orton Park community. This diverse group of partners joined forces to re-imagine Storefront’s interior and exterior spaces. This incredible collaboration has transformed the agency—and the neighbourhood—by creating community, recreational and green spaces.

Pictured here, in alphabetical order: Ajeev Bhatia, Madan Bhayana, Raksha M. Bhayana, Samir Bhayana, Paul Dowsett, Zahra Ebrahim, Zouhair “Zack” El Helou, Jaime Elliott-Gnugi, Janet Fitzsimmons, Calvin Kangara, Sherry Lin, Susan McIsaac, Steve Socha, Brendan Stewart

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