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KGO hosts City of Toronto Tower Neighbourhood Renewal Open House


On March 26, the City of Toronto Tower Neighbourhood Department and United Way held the first of several Open Houses throughout the GTA at the East Scarborough Storefront.  It was attended by over 30 residents, who came to learn about Tower Neighbourhood Renewal, and recent Zoning changes including the newly added RAC (Residential Apartment Commercial) zoning designation.  Presenters included Graeme Stewart from E.R.A architects, and Eleanor McAteer, head of Tower Renewal at the City of Toronto.
See the flyer below for the rest of the Open House dates and locations.

IMG_5407  IMG_5413  IMG_5418


TNR pamphlet-2

TNR pamphlet-3

RAC Zoning community meeting flyer FINAL

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Anne Gloger wins Toronto Community Foundation Vital People’s award!

We are very pleased to announce that Anne Gloger, Director of East Scarborough Storefront is being awarded a Toronto Community Foundation Vital People’s award!
“When you work in collaborative and collective ways, awards for one person become symbolic of the work that we all do together…this award is no exception!  I am honoured both to receive the award and to work with all the people who made it possible…”
 - Anne Gloger
For more info, visit
Thank you for your contribution to our great work Building.Community.Together

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Tower Neighbourhood Renewal

Charrette: Envisioning

On January 18, 2014, the Storefront hosted a charrette for the youth of Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park as well as the residents of 4000/4010 Lawrence Avenue East to envision three community spaces: 1) the site of 4000/4010 and 4040 Lawrence Avenue East, 2) the community garden located at the Storefront, and 3) A-Z Variety Store located at the base of 4000 Lawrence Avenue East. With over 50 people in attendance, including local youth, residents, urban planners, architects, designers, and public service workers, the group took the opportunity to envision the spaces without limitations.


Participants were able to spend the day envisioning the space that they felt most connected with. As a result, they were able to dream big and design a space where the community could connect with and thrive in.

The site plan group envisioned a more connected, accessible, family-friendly site, which included community gathering spaces, various sports and play areas and more green spaces.


This healthier, more active lifestyle was aligned with the community garden group’s vision of a more connected community. Their ideas included community led, knowledge sharing workshops, community gathering areas (such as benches, fire pit/BBQ and picnic tables) as well other improvements on practical matters, such as open space pollinator plantings, gravity-fed drip irrigation and more electrical and water access points.


The A-Z Variety Store group, new to the Storefront’s visioning sessions, was really excited to re-envision what a convenience store could mean to the community, especially because Lucy, the owner of the store was also present. Lucy had already been working with the Toronto Public Health on their Health Corner Stores initiative but this was an opportunity to include the community in the ideation phase. The group also envisioned a more connected community, connected through healthy lifestyles and healthy food choices. This was the opportunity to dream big and potentially propose zoning changes in the renovation. Their ideas included opening up the entrance to the public and creating an accessible outdoor seating area, bringing in fresh produce and partnering with the Storefront to access the community kitchen to educate about healthy food choices.


The ideas generated from the charrette were inspiring and yet also quite possible. This was the just the beginning!


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